Brass Bracelets

The allure of brass jewelry has captivated hearts and adorned individuals for centuries. From the malls of New Zealand to the Night Markets of Egypt, Brass Jewelry has long been treasured for its golden sheen reminiscent of the opulence of gold, yet accessible to artisans and admirers alike. 

Custom Fashion Jewels uses recycled brass to produce jewelry, creating environmentally friendly goods with handmade jewelry promoting sustainability.

No designs/projects are too complex as we cater to demands, in multiple levels around the world. Taking a closer look at brass rings, these jewelry pieces have evolved from simple bands to intricate talismans inscribed with symbols and set with gemstones, serving not only as ornaments but also as personal amulets. Similarly, in ancient times through to modern days, solid brass signet rings jewelry have acted as personal signatures or status symbols.

What is it about sunburst patterns stamped into brass jewelry that captivates us? These radiant motifs can transform disc earrings into minuscule sculptures reflecting light’s playful dance.

Likewise, a gemstone nestled into the heart of a piece multiplies its storytelling power by introducing color and symbolism. Hoops and other brass earrings crafted from brass, echo with timelessness; whether looped in classic simplicity or designed with tribal inspiration, they continue to be best sellers and a staple in every jewelry box. While hoop earrings suggest an unbroken unity, dangle and drop earrings offer movement and versatility — ranging from delicate leaf earrings mimicking organic forms to bold disc earrings that make a statement.