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Personalized Jewelry from Wholesaler

In today’s world/marketplace, sourcing personalize jewelry from a wholesaler, can be challenging. Designing, developing, and mass-producing jewelry in bulk, has never been easier than that of what Custom Fashion Jewels offers and executes on a daily basis. Customize jewelry from a wholesaler, is in high demand, and no establishment does this job better than Custom Fashion Jewels, due to efficient competitive, precise, mutual processes set in motion by Custom Fashion Jewels. We are vertically integrated and well capable in turning your ideas into reality.

Custom Fashion Jewels remains a leading American Jewelry Manufacturer, capable of turning your own design, into finished, packaged products, ready to hit the stores. Besides being an all-around Jewelry Manufacturer, Custom Fashion Jewels is well known, and recognized, as a Silver Jewelry Manufacturer, Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer, Gold Jewelry Manufacturer, Alloy Jewelry Manufacturer and Brass Jewelry Manufacturer. Another reason is that Custom Fashion Jewels is a one stop shop, as they will take care of all aspects of your development, production, finishing, assembly and packaging.

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At Custom Fashion Jewels, We Strive to meet and exceed our Customers Expectations. Our main principle that guides us on our everyday operations is Quality, On Time Delivery, and Pricing. All of our employees love coming to work, as Custom Fashion Jewels is not just a business but family. We create the right atmosphere so that all involved are happy doing what we do, and this creates a positive workflow.

Production Capacity:

As Custom Fashion Jewels is a high volume capacity manufacturer, we also welcome and service the smaller scale production orders with convenient low minimums. Our operation includes a Quality Control Team, giving strict attention to product quality & Precision, insuring that every piece of jewelry out of production matches your approved Pre Production samples.

Custom Fashion Jewels is a leading Custom Bulk Jewelry Manufacturer, offering Full Package, in getting your Jewelry designs Developed and Mass Produced.

As a leading Custom Wholesale Jewelry Supplier, Custom Fashion Jewels offers one of the best, Nickel Free plating options available in the Marketplace, ensuring your jewelry designs manufactured, surpass, and withstand the average wear and tear.

Moreover, Custom Fashion Jewels has the capacity to Manufacture jewelry in a wide variety of metals such as, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Sterling Silver .925, Alloy Base Metals, and Solid Gold.

Whether you are a Brand, Designer, Influencer, or just have a large following and ask yourself, “How to get my Jewelry Designs Manufactured?” Look No further. Custom Fashion Jewels will guide your projects, hand in hand from just a thought to the finish line, of your Bulk Custom Wholesale Jewelry Collection.

Lastly, Custom Fashion Jewels offers and honors all NDA agreements, ensuring all designs/contents stay confidential for a lifetime.  

We at Custom Fashion Jewels, Thank you and look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

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