Process & Steps

Working With an Established Jewelry Manufacturer

Custom Fashion Jewels is recognized as a leading Jewelry Manufacturer in the industry.

As a Jewelry Manufacturer, Custom Fashion Jewels pays close attention to all products quality, cost, and quick Lead times.

Being recognized as one of the Best Jewelry Manufacturers is no easy task. All orders are custom Developed and Produced for our clients.

Whether you are looking for a jewelry manufacturers for small businesses

or an established Organization, or even just interested in a one time development and jewelry production run on a single style, your dealings with Custom Fashion Jewels will remain consistent and helpful in every Order in motion. We understand the needs of all levels of clients, and can take charge of any given project, bringing your final beautiful creations to life.

Jewerly Manufacturer
Custom Fashion Jewels understands the principle being a good quality jewelry manufacturer results in growth of business, creating custom jewelry ready for mass production.

Jewelry Manufacturers



Client Submits

Drawings, Sketches, Images, or Images of similar Products. (Must include dimensions, type of finish required, quantity interested in producing, and type of metal. Custom Fashion Jewels costs the goods both development and production


We reply with a proposal cost of goods

Once the customer agrees on costs, Custom Fashion Jewels Provides a new customer form. The customer fills out the form and returns to Custom Fashion Jewels to be inputted into the system.


A Development Invoice

Custom Fashion Jewels sends to the customer with a credit card form, so that the process can begin. Custom Fashion Jewels first process of development starts by taking your sketch, art, or drawing, and starts building a 3-dimensional image of the design.


Once Complete

the customer receives a 3D image of what the actual product will look like. Upon approval of the 3D rendering, our professional model makers, will determine the appropriate type of mold needed to form to accomplish maximum results. 


Upon Completion

of the mold, Custom Fashion Jewels will now be able to cast a sample, finish it as you the customer would like, and sends a finished pre-production sample to the client for approval to proceed to production.


A Sample Approval

Custom Fashion Jewels then starts buy receiving a deposit in advance of starting the order. Upon Completion of the order, customer fulfills the remaining balance, and the order is released and shipped to the customer.

It's as simple as that!

During Production, a Jewelry Manufacturer must create efficiency, so
that the turn around time is quick, and costs are low, ultimately not
jeopardizing the quality of the product.

Custom Fashion Jewels welcomes NDA

Simply request a copy via email, and you will receive one within 24 hours.
Custom Fashion Jewels offers a variety of both precious and non-precious metals to choose from that best fits your budget and target market.

10K Gold     14k Gold     18k Gold     22k Gold     Sterling Silver .925     Brass     Copper     Bronze     Zinc     Pewter​

Jewelry Manufacturer Process

Development lead time: 2 Weeks
(The Timeline is for a full Development)
Molds: 3-5 Days

Production lead time:
Castings only: 3-5 business days
(Clip & Ship)

Full Production: 3 Weeks
Plating only: 3-5 Days

We engage in jewelry development and production on a long-term bases while providing consistent results in all projects. Leaving our customers confident in selling and distributing Jewelry is our commitment to our clients.

As a leading Jewelry Manufacturer, these are prime core standards
used on a daily basis to ensure, Custom Fashion Jewels remains ahead of the wholesale jewelry industry.