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Sourcing your Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer

When a designer is creating a list of Jewelry Manufacturers to use for development and manufacturing purposes, he or she must realize the difference between Wholesale Jewelry Supply Distributors and Fashion Jewelry Manufacturers.

Fashion Jewelry Manufacturers, Custom Manufacturer orders on Demand, meaning all pieces are custom made by order for the clients. Wholesale Jewelry Supply Distributors, work with fashion manufacturers and carry a wholesale line sheet, usually available in stock for immediate shipments and orders. Most Wholesale Jewelry Supply Distributors have a list of Jewelry Manufacturers in which they produce bulk, offering Wholesale Distribution to retailers.  Fashion Jewelry Manufacturers Do Not Stock Goods, as they move volume by orders requested by the Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Distributors.

At Custom Fashion Jewels, both channels exist. A customer can produce custom jewelry pieces, and or additionally, can buy Wholesale Fashion Jewelry from our existing Wholesale collection.

Custom Fashion Jewels is recognized as a 1 stop for most Fashion Jewelry Wholesalers and Retailers.