From Concept to Creation: Mastering the Art of Jewelry Casting

Art of Jewelry Casting


Crafting Excellence with Precision


At Custom Fashion Jewels, our journey of jewelry casting starts with a vision—your inspiration molded into reality by the hands of exceptional jewelers. With the revered technique of lost wax casting, we ensure that your jewelry designs are not just made, but meticulously sculpted with care.


The Intricate Dance of Wax and Metal


The legacy of burnout begins with a wax carving; each curve and crevice is a promise of what’s to come. The wax models act as blueprints, holding the future shape as molten metal takes its place. Once cast, our kiln performs the ancient ritual, leaving behind a hollow ready to be filled with gold casting brilliance or sterling silver purity.


The Marriage of Ancient Art and Modern Mechanics


Our process marries age-old casting techniques with cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing. In mold making, we use durable materials like vulcanized rubber and silicone to ensure that the end product—the casting jewelry you desired—meets our high-quality standards.


Equipping Ourselves for Unmatched Quality


To deliver jewelry of unparalleled precision, our casting equipment is as varied as it is specialized. Pliers, solder tools for joining metal pieces, tongs for handling hot materials, and burs for the final perfecting touches—all essential in our pursuit for excellence.


Investment Casting: The Core of Our Craft


Central to our ethos is investment casting. Utilizing both vacuum casting and centrifugal casting techniques enables us to play with intricate stone settings and achieve ideal texturing that adds depth to every piece.


Adorning Your Pieces with Nature’s Artwork


Our selection of gemstones transforms new products from stunning to sublime. Each stone, whether it’s part of an enameling process or set as a smooth cabochon, is hand-selected and carefully nested within its rightful place in your custom creation.


A Touch of New York in Every Piece


Custom Fashion Jewels may have roots in bustling New York environments but extends its reach far beyond. Our quality casting resonates with the spirit of the city—a hub of creativity, fashion, and boundless possibilities in jewelry making.


Your Partner in Jewelry Casting Adventure


Whether it’s elaborate silver undertones or classic gold gleams you seek to capture in your jewelry pieces, your venture begins here. Contact us at: 818-351-7277 as we pour soul into metal and make dream designs tangible through superior craftsmanship in jewelry casting.