Customized 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturers

Custom 925 Sterling Silver Manufacturers

If you are a custom sterling silver wholesaler, interested in working with a leading custom sterling silver/ 925 sterling silver manufacturers, then you have come to the right place. At Custom Fashion Jewels, you, the wholesaler, will have a Peace of Mind, your custom sterling silver jewelry in bulk will be developed and produced. We guarantee our quality, commitment towards your projects.

Timeless Sterling Silver Elegance

The classic sterling silver hoop earring and drop earrings are accessories that can elevate any outfit. Their versatility from daily wear to special events, makes them a staple in any sterling silver jewelry collection. Equally as versatile are stud earrings and huggie earrings. Minimal and elegant, they add a hint of style, while dangle earrings will sometimes overpower a look.

Statement Jewelry Selections

The charm of gemstones set in sterling silver is undeniable. Whether it’s a pendant necklace accented with sparkling stones or layering silver necklaces for a modern aesthetic, craftsmanship and style is what matters most for your line. The same can be said of a thin rose gold bangle rather than their oversized counterparts.

Sentimental Pieces to Captivate Hearts 

While exploring sterling silver rings designed to catch the eye, one can play with different metals creating a two-tone effect that’s as captivating in a casual setting.. From band rings to solitaires adorned with blue sapphire or topaz gemstones, each ring tells its own story.

Sentimental Silver Jewelry

The Sterling heart necklace stands out as an endearing piece of jewelry that symbolizes love and friendship. As perfect gifts go, silver bracelets, silver earrings and sterling silver necklaces are also popular choices —adored by those lucky enough to receive them.

Sterling Jewelry For Weddings

For grander gestures, like  engagement rings; their design requires high-quality materials balanced with meticulous attention to detail for that special day.

The Quality of Sterling Jewelry

From a simple paperclip link bracelets or a showy charm necklace in your fine jewelry line can define your brand. Let our professional staff walk you through the process