Transforming Ideas into Reality: Premier Jewelry Casting

jewelry casting in USA

Crafting Excellence with Jewelry Casting

At Custom Fashion Jewels, jewelry casting is more than a process—it’s an art. Our team of skilled jewelers employs the venerable lost wax casting technique to bring intricate jewelry designs to life. This time-honored method provides us with unparalleled precision, ensuring every detail is captured in your precious metal of choice.

The Lost Wax Casting Legacy

Lost wax casting is the backbone of our trade, allowing us to create detailed wax models that are the blueprints for your exquisite pieces. Each wax carving is meticulously sculpted and prepared with a sprue, guiding molten metal during the casting process. Our burnout kiln readies the mold by melting away the wax, leaving a perfect cavity for precious metal to set.

From Wax Carvings to Precious Metal Wonders

The transformation from wax models to sterling silver marvels or gold glistening charms happens within our foundry. Utilizing advanced techniques like vacuum casting and centrifugal casting, we handle everything from intricate stone setting to elegant texturing.

Innovative Techniques and Meticulous Mold Making

We embrace modern advancements such as 3D printing while honoring traditional methods like sand casting and metal casting. Our mold making expertise extends to creating durable vulcanized rubber molds designed for sterling silver’s rigorous requirements.

Essential Tools for Exceptional Quality

Our arsenal includes precision tools—from pliers and solder for assembly to tongs and burs for the final polish. These instruments are critical in sculpting the fine details that define high-quality jewelry making.

Casting Jewelry with Precision and Passion

Investment casting and vacuum casting are central to our craftsmanship. We cast new products displaying complex patterns and textures, reflecting the nuanced beauty of enameling and cabochon setting finishes.

A Universe of Gemstones at Your Fingertips

Hand-selected gemstones are nestled into their settings, producing sparkling treasures fit for both everyday elegance and runway grandeur. Embarking on a creative journey with us, means stepping into a world where your vision becomes tangible—and each piece tells its own story.

Crafting New York’s Finest Treasures

From bustling New York ateliers to our workshops in Los Angeles, our jewelry casts a spell nationwide. Custom Fashion Jewels stands as a beacon of superior quality casting fueled by passion and enhanced by age-old casting techniques combined with cutting-edge technology.

Your dreams materialize here—from concept sketches to dazzling realities—through Custom Fashion Jewels‘ commitment to excellence in jewelry casting.