The Best Wholesale Jewelry Markets and Trade Shows in the USA

The Best Wholesale Jewelry Markets and Trade Shows in the USA

Wholesale Jewelry USA: A One-Stop Destination

As the leading wholesale jewelry supplier in the USA, Custom Fashion Jewelry offers an expansive range of high-quality wholesale fashion jewelry, catering to retailers and resellers across the country. From sterling silver to costume jewelry, we ensure our clients receive only the best in terms of quality products and competitive prices.

Necklaces and Pendants: Elegance Redefined

Our extensive selection of necklaces and pendants showcases trendy designs for women, including sterling silver pieces, pearl embellishments, and gemstones. With a variety of styles on offer, retailers can cater to their customers’ unique tastes while enjoying minimum order requirements and the lowest prices in the market.

Anklets, Bangles, and Bracelets: A Touch of Sophistication

Custom Fashion Jewelry supplies a wide assortment of anklets, bangles, and bracelets that feature popular materials such as rose gold and rhodium plating. Our collection of fine jewelry also includes birthstone accessories that make for great personalized gifts.

Earrings: Timeless Style Statements

We offer an exceptional collection of earrings for retailers – from classic stud earrings to stunning hoop earrings. Our fashion jewelry wholesale assortment features cubic zirconia and rhinestone-studded pieces that are perfect for customers seeking a touch of glamour.

Custom Jewelry: Designed to Impress

At Custom Fashion Jewelry Los Angeles, we specialize in custom jewelry creation for our clients. Our skilled jewelers expertly craft unique pieces that adhere to your design specifications, going the extra mile to ensure that your vision comes to life.

Rings: Showcasing Exquisite Craftsmanship

Choose from an incredible range of handmade rings that meet a variety of preferences – from sterling silver jewelry with intricate detailing to chunky stainless steel designs. Our collection features new arrivals catering to both men and women in search of the perfect accessory.

Additional Fashion Accessories

As a comprehensive wholesale jewelry supplier, we also provide distributors with an extensive range of products, including keychains, hair accessories, scarves, and western-inspired items. Our same-day shipping option ensures businesses can maintain inventory without hassle.

Trade Shows and Markets: Building Connections

The USA’s bustling jewelry industry hosts numerous trade shows and markets, allowing networking opportunities for businesses in the New York and California regions. Retailers can discover the best sellers at these events while learning about closeout deals and dropshipping services from reliable jewelry vendors.

When looking for high-quality wholesale jewelry in the USA, Custom Fashion Jewelry is your one-stop destination. With a diverse product range, we cater to retailers seeking unique fashion accessories backed by exceptional customer support and competitive pricing. So why wait? Grow your jewelry business now with Custom Fashion Jewelry.

1. The Jewelers International Showcase 2024: A leading jewelry trade show in the United States, featuring a wide range of exhibitors and industry insiders presenting the latest trends in jewelry manufacturing, design, and technology.

2. AGTA GemFair 2024: Organized by the American Gem Trade Association, this annual event showcases a vast selection of colored gems and cultured pearls from over 200 exhibitors. The conference offers educational seminars, networking opportunities, and demonstrations of cutting-edge products and technologies.

3. MJSA Expo 2024: Hosted by the Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America, this premier trade event focuses on jewelry making and design. Attendees can expect to see innovative tools, equipment, supplies, and services while also participating in workshops and expert panel discussions covering topics related to jewelry manufacturing.

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