The Craftsmanship of 925 Sterling Silver Manufacturers

925 sterling silver manufacturers


High-Quality Craftsmanship in Thailand


As specialists at Custom Fashion Jewels, we’ve witnessed firsthand the high-quality craftsmanship of 925 sterling silver manufacturers in Thailand. Bangkok is home to many skilled artisans who excel in crafting unique and beautiful sterling silver jewelry, including necklaces, silver bracelets, stud earrings, and bangles.


Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Business


Our mission as a company is to provide retailers with wholesale silver jewelry at competitive prices while maintaining excellent quality and intricate jewelry designs. We work closely with silver jewelry manufacturers to ensure that our customers receive only top-grade products. 


Varied Silver Jewelry Collection


Our extensive silver jewelry collection offers something for everyone. From sterling silver rings adorned with cubic zirconia and gemstones to dangle earrings crafted from yellow gold, rose gold, and rhodium-plated sterling silver. We even cater to those looking for fashionable toe rings as well as delicate silver chains to complete their looks.


Custom Jewelry Options


Custom Fashion Jewels understands the importance of unique jewelry pieces. Our skilled jewelers work in-house to create custom jewelry that aligns with any style preference or wish list. Whether it’s fashioning a one-of-a-kind sterling silver pendant or designing a sparkling pair of hoop earrings, each piece of jewelry we craft is made according to the highest standards.


Efficient E-Commerce Experience


Navigating through our e-commerce platform is incredibly user-friendly, our prices are adjustable and there is no minimum order size. Adding items to your shopping cart is simple, and you may contact us if you have any inquiries when browsing our collection of sterling silver earrings, silver stud earrings, and other stunning accessories.


Trustworthy Silver Jewelry Supplier


As a reputed silver jewelry supplier, Custom Fashion Jewels guarantees that all your purchases will be of the highest quality. We understand the value of trust in the jewelry business and are committed to providing unparalleled craftsmanship in each piece we create, from stylish silver necklaces to gold plated jewelry.


Choose for Exceptional Service


When sourcing sterling silver jewelry from, you can be assured of striking pieces at wholesale prices, made with the utmost care and passion. We take pride in offering exceptional service and bringing the finest craftsmanship of 925 sterling  silver manufacturers straight to your store. Choose Custom Fashion Jewels – where artistry and affordability meet elegance and where there is no LTD requirement for any design.

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