Unearth Treasures for Your Collection

Exquisite bulk jewelry pieces


Whether you’re a small business owner on the prowl for best sellers or an individual enthusiast with a penchant for crafting, our selection of bulk jewelry is tailored to fulfill your every need. With versatile pieces ranging from elegant necklaces to playful anklets, we provide the building blocks for your inventory or personal collection.


Sterling Silver Elegance and Gold Jewelry Glamour


Silver jewelry lovers will delight in the sterling silver options available, while aficionados of traditional luster can bask in our range of gold jewelry. Our expertly curated fine jewelry section features must-haves like cuff bracelets and delicate stud earrings, perfect for customers looking to add a touch of understated sophistication.


Make a Statement with Fashion Jewelry


For those who dare to stand out, our fashion jewelry line boasts everything from bold acrylic bangles to multicolor brooches, ensuring your display will catch every eye. Adjustable chain necklaces and pendant necklaces offer versatility, while ear cuffs and drop earrings add a modern twist to classic ensembles.


Enjoy Opulence with Gemstone and Pearl Picks


Dive into luxury with gemstone accoutrements and pearl essentials that exemplify high-end taste. Our pearl necklaces exude classic charm, whereas our gemstone items bring vibrant colors and textures to the forefront, creating statement pieces that are as unique as your clientele.


Experience Wholesale Convenience


We cater not just to style but also to pragmatism, offering wholesale jewelry at unbeatable wholesale prices. Retailers can source high-quality and best-selling stainless steel jewelry, including hoop earrings and earring sets embellished with cubic zirconia or rose gold finishes – all guaranteed to resist tarnish and maintain their allure over time. To add a little sparkle to your piece we may also adorn it with rhinestones, giving it a glamour look.


Jewelry Making Supplies at Your Fingertips


For the creative minds in jewelry making, dive into our wholesale lots brimming with offerings from cable chains to pcs of shell components that make custom creations a breeze. With us, you’ll find everything needed for crafting unique collections at the lowest price point.


Encourage prosperity within your venture by selecting from our plethora of bulk jewelry options made accessible across the USA. Here at customfashionjewels.com, we’re not just suppliers; we’re partners in paving the way for your success in the alluring world of jewels and gems.

Call Custom Fashion Jewels at 818-351-7277 to explore our latest jewelry set arrivals and order in bulk at high or low prices based on your preferences.