Beyond Ordinary: Mesmerizing World of PVD Plated Jewelry

The Mesmerizing World of PVD Plated Jewelry


Embracing Durability: Stainless Steel Meets PVD


The timeless strength of stainless steel is given an extraordinary twist with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). Uniting these powerhouses of durability ensures your favorite pieces withstand tarnishing, allowing golden hues to remain as vivid as memories. From intricately crafted chain necklaces to bold stainless steel rings, each item is a testament to enduring beauty.


The Gold Standard: PVD Coating Transforms Jewelry


In the world of adornments, nothing quite compares to the opulent shimmer of gold. But what happens when gold plating meets modern innovation? Gold PVD coating applies a thin layer of real gold onto a sturdy base metal, creating gold PVD plated treasures at an accessible price. Whether it’s 18k PVD adorned hoop earrings or romantic rose gold pendants, prepare to be draped in luxury without the high cost.


Revolutionized Elegance: Vacuum Coating Process Unveiled


The intricate vacuum coating process, hinged on cutting-edge technology, creates a functional finish impervious to corrosion and wear. Each piece, be it gleaming gold bracelets or delicate beaded finery, celebrates longevity alongside splendor.


Key Points About PVD plated jewelry:


1- Process: PVD plating involves placing the jewelry item in a vacuum chamber along with the metal that will be used for plating. The chamber is then heated, creating a vapor of the metal that condenses and bonds to the jewelry’s surface, forming a thin and durable coating.


2- Durability: PVD plating creates a highly durable coating that is resistant to wear, fading, and tarnishing. The bonding of the metal layer to the jewelry surface is strong, providing long-lasting protection and maintaining the appearance of the jewelry piece.


3- Hypoallergenic: PVD plated jewelry is often considered hypoallergenic because the metal coating acts as a barrier between the wearer’s skin and the base material. This can be beneficial for individuals with metal sensitivities or allergies.


From Sterling Silver To Alloys: The Base Material Matters


Choosing jewelry goes beyond the glittering surface; what lies beneath counts as much. Mixed metals and sterling silver form ideal substrates for PVD jewelry, harmonizing with coatings like titanium nitride for added resilience.


Water Meets Metal: Waterproof Jewelry Perfection


Possess an active lifestyle but don’t want to compromise on elegance? Our waterproof jewelry ensures that splashes and dives don’t diminish your piece’s vibrant glow, especially crucial for items that hug close, like the ever-popular huggie earrings or that go-to paperclip chain bracelet.


Precious Encounters: Gemstone Adorned PVD Jewelry


Elevate your attire with the added brilliance of gemstones set within PVD plated jewelry. Whether it’s a statement-making gold ring or subtle yet striking gold chain, our pieces promise to be eye-catching opulent yet incredibly durable.


Checkout with Confidence: High-quality at Every Step


We invite you to explore the range of PVD-plated offerings designed to cater to diverse aesthetics. Each click at checkout assures you of premium, high quality, be it for yourself or that special someone who adores modern takes on traditional gold plating.


Custom Fashion Jewels prides itself on curating items that marry the sophistication found in solid gold with the intelligent artistry of electroplating—paving the way for enchanting yet affordable jewels ready to complement every milestone and minute of your dynamic life.


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