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Uncover the Best Wholesale Jewelry for Your Retail Needs


As a seasoned expert at Custom Fashion Jewels, I can confidently say that if you’re part of the retailers sector looking for premium wholesale jewelry, you’ve found your haven. Our extensive range of necklaces and pendants, meticulously chosen to cater to the distinctive tastes of women across the USA, awaits your perusal. 


Unparalleled Quality from Your Go-To Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers 


Our commitment to high quality is evident in every piece we supply. Custom Fashion Jewels is renowned amongst wholesale jewelry suppliers for our luxurious gemstone adornments and innovative stainless steel jewelry designs.


Trendsetting Wholesale Fashion Jewelry You’ll Love 


We cultivate love for trendy costume jewelry through our role as pioneering distributors. Our fashion-forward clientele delights in our variety of stunning styles and hip-hop inspired collections that resonate with their end consumers.


Sourcing Excellence: Fine Jewelry at Your Fingertips 


Our fine jewelry selection, including enticing sterling silver jewelry, speaks volumes of our dedicated sourcing process. The jewelry collection we present is sourced from quality products worldwide at competitive prices to ensure your satisfaction.


Catering to Your Business: Minimum Order Flexibility


Embrace our wide selection with no MOQ (minimum order quantity), ensuring businesses both large and small have access to gorgeous birthstone and rhinestone jewelry sets at a wholesale price that won’t break the bank.


Custom Crafted Delights: The Expert Jewelry Manufacturer


As a holistic jewelry manufacturer, our custom jewelry options are limitless. Whether it’s creating unique bangles or sourcing luxurious hair accessories for your inventory, we’ve got you covered.


Global Reach: Trusted Jewelry Vendors with a Difference


Our network extends beyond typical jewelry vendors. We’re adept at discovering hoop earrings, engagement rings, and more that resonate with diverse markets—bringing you the best wholesale jewelry from around the globe.


Fast Shipping and Sterling Customer Assistance


Expect nothing less than the most efficient service from us—your trusted partner for fast shipping on all wholesale jewelry supplies. We cater to both resellers‘ needs and those venturing into the realm of jewelry making.


Step Into the Spotlight with Fashion Jewelry Wholesale 


With Custom Fashion Jewels, revel in an array of gold-filled marvels sprinkled with zirconia, poised to be showcased in a luxurious jewelry box—we offer these treasures at the lowest price for your fashion jewelry wholesale needs.

Your search for reliable wholesale costume jewelry ends here. Custom Fashion Jewels not only offers stunning quality jewelry and fashion accessories but guarantees an experience that will transform your business’s approach to stocking high-demand items like silver rings. Don’t let this opportunity slip; join forces with a leader among wholesale jewelry distributors by reaching out to 818-351-7277!