Premium Quality Wholesale Gold Jewelry Manufacturers

Premium Quality Wholesale Gold Jewelry Manufacturers


Discover Craftsmanship with Gold Jewelry


As a seasoned expert at, I take pride in our reputation as a leading jewelry manufacturer. Our commitment to delivering high-quality gold jewelry is unwavering. Whether it’s timeless gold necklaces or elegant pendants, each piece reflects our dedication to excellence.


Sterling Silver: The Unseen Hero in Gold Jewelry Making


Sterling silver isn’t just for its own sake—it’s a pivotal base material for our gold jewelry. As trusted wholesale gold jewelry manufacturers, we merge sterling silver with yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold to produce custom jewelry that stands out in the jewelry district of downtown Los Angeles and beyond.


Sourcing Excellence: A Global Pursuit


Our retailers value diversity in their jewelry collections, and we deliver by sourcing premium materials from around the USA. Fine jewelry crafted with solid gold or eye-catching gold chains from our wholesale gold jewelry suppliers enriches any retailer‘s selection.


Fashion Jewelry for Every Retailer‘s Dream Collection


Contemporary fashion jewelry sits neatly alongside classic fine jewelry designs in our inventory. Retailers can indulge their customers with everything from dazzling diamond jewelry to intricate hoop earrings featuring meticulous diamond cut detailing—the epitome of luxury within reach at a competitive wholesale price.


Understanding Karats: A Symbol of Unmatched Quality


Gold rings in our collection are distinguished not just by their beauty but by their karat count ensuring that jewelers can provide their clients with genuine quality. As your distributor, we commit to maintaining this caliber across all our gold earrings and more.


Cubic Zirconia: Elegance on a Budget


Recognizing market demand for budget-friendly options, we feature cubic zirconia gemstones alternatives that sparkle almost like diamonds. These are particularly favored in stud earrings and other fast-selling items within our extensive jewelry store offerings.