Experience the Radiance of Gold Filled Jewelry: Wholesale Supplier of Choice

high quality gold filled jewelry supplier


Dive into the World of Gold Filled Jewels


Gold filled jewelry offers the perfect balance between quality and value. Unlike gold plated pieces, which only have a thin layer of gold over a base metal, our gold filled items consist of a substantial layer of 18k gold heat-bonded to sterling silver or another metal. This results in a product that resembles solid gold in both look and wear but comes at a fraction of the cost.


Heirloom Quality: Why Choose Gold Filled?


Quality is paramount in jewelry that lasts a lifetime. Our high-quality gold filled findings ensure that your favorite pieces can withstand the test of time without the usual tarnish associated with base metals. The added thickness provides durability, making them ideal for heirloom-quality jewelry that can be cherished for generations.


The Charm of Cubic Zirconia and Gemstone Embellishments


Adorning your attire with cubic zirconia or gemstone-encrusted anklets, bangles, and charm bracelets elevates any outfit. We specialize in wholesale jewelry encrusted with these sparkling stones which rival the brilliance of diamonds at wholesale prices.


Versatility Meets Style: Connectors and Jewelry Findings


Jewelry making supplies are the backbone of custom creations. Clasps, connectors, jump rings, and earring findings crafted from rose gold filled materials allow for endless possibilities. Our inventory ensures your creations feature both minimalist and bold statement designs.


Hoop Dreams: Huggie and Hoop Earrings


The allure of huggie and hoop earrings never fades. Pairing these with different elements such as the evil eye or birthstones can transform a standard hoop into something extraordinary. With our array of options, including paperclip chain or choker necklace components, we cater to every taste.


Adorn Yourself with Adjustable Elegance


Adjustable jewelries like chain necklaces, beaded bracelets, or even anklets provide a custom fit for any customer. Opt for elegant sterling silver or lustrous 18k rose gold filled options to add sophistication to any collection.


Wholesale Gold for Your Business


Our USA-based operation understands the need for quality bulk purchases. Whether it’s a stackable bead bracelet, pearl necklace, or stud earrings enhanced with zircon or bead caps, we offer everything at competitive wholesale prices enabling businesses to flourish.


Invest in Lasting Beauty


Gold filled chain pieces like link chains and split rings allow you to craft stunning jewelry that retains its luster. The resistance to tarnish makes these components particularly sought after by designers focused on crafting items that stand up to daily wear.


Furnishing Creators with Gold Jewelry Making Essentials


Bails, crimp covers, bead tips – all the small but vital parts of jewelry findings are available in gold filled options here. They’re integral for professionals who demand reliability and aesthetic appeal from their jewelry making supplies.


Custom Fashion Jewels is dedicated to supplying artisans and retailers with an extensive range of gold filled jewelry components. From sturdy staples to dazzling decorative details – each piece promises enduring beauty without sacrificing craftsmanship or design potential. Contact us at: 818-351-7277 and let us be your go-to source for all things golden!

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