Gems Galore: Premier Jewelry Bulk Suppliers

Premier Jewelry Bulk Suppliers


At Custom Fashion Jewels, we’re proud to be one of the leading Jewelry Bulk Suppliers in the USA, catering to jewelers, retailers, and artisans with an expansive selection of high-quality and/ wholesale jewelry. Our passion shines through every faceted gemstone and polished pendant we offer. Whether it’s for jewelry making supplies or to enrich your jewelry collection, we provide not just products but a promise of consistency, variety, and wholesale pricing that keeps your business sparkling.


A Cut Above: Faceted Gemstones and Pendants


Delve into our captivating world of faceted gemstones where each piece is a work of art. From necklaces graced with sterling silver to gold-plated bangles exuding elegance, our selection serves as the cornerstone for creating stunning jewelry pieces. Our pendants range from classic cubic zirconia drops to intricate rose gold designs, perfect for customers looking to add an opulent touch to their attire.


Wholesale Jewelry: Your Creative Partner


We believe that wholesale jewelry should offer a balance of quality and competitive pricing. Our extensive range includes everything from sleek stainless steel to radiant rose gold, suited for any aesthetic. And for those who weave stories through their creations—we supply a cornucopia of jewelry making supplies including jump rings, clasps, head pins, cable chains, and so much more.


Sterling Supply: Sterling Silver and Gold-Plated Essentials


As respected wholesale jewelry suppliers, our sterling silver collection—the heart of many timeless pieces—is curated with care. Gold-plated components provide an affordable luxury that can distinguish your retail offerings. The versatility extends from delicate hoop earrings to durable ball chains, all available at prices that allow creativity to flourish without fiscal constraints.


Beading Brilliance: Beads and Stringing Materials 


Whether looking for the glossy elegance of glass beads or the organic beauty of gemstone beads, we’ve got you covered. Seed beads mingle with silver beads and metal beads in our inventory like stars in the sky—ample choices for artisans dedicated to stringing together narratives one bead at a time.


Secure and Stylish: Jewelry Findings Galore


Our robust selection of findings includes connectors that are as strong as they are stylish; split rings providing secure attachments; and spacers that add sophistication to any piece. With bails to bezel settings and acrylic rhinestones ready to dazzle customers, we ensure every component you need is within reach.


Birthstones and Beyond: A World of Options


Celebrate personal milestones with our birthstone series, or dive into our cabochons collections for a more vintage flair. We constantly introduce new products like rondelles or brooches that make each visit a new discovery where bestsellers meet future favorites.


Crafting Connections Across America 


We proudly serve the retail community across the United States as high-caliber wholesale jewelry suppliers. Understandably, committed to meeting diverse needs from coast-to-coast—with cable chains ready for Californian chic boutiques or acrylic bangles destined for New York’s trendiest shops.


Custom Fashion Jewels is here not just as a supplier but as a partner in innovation and inspiration. We strive tirelessly to keep expanding our jewelry collection while maintaining the essence of what makes us stand out among bulk jewelry suppliers—distinctive quality with an eye on trends. Ready to elevate your craft with premium supplies? Call us at 818-351-7277 for variety and value that empower your creation with every sparkle.

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