The Allure of PVD Gold Jewelry

pvd gold jewelry

PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition, is a modern technique used to coat various materials, including stainless steel jewelry, with a thin layer of real gold. Gold PVD jewelry is an excellent alternative to traditional gold, offering a vibrant gold color that’s more durable and long-lasting than gold plated jewelry. This article explores the many benefits of choosing PVD gold jewelry over other options.

Why Choose PVD Coated over Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold plated jewelry often consists of a base metal coated with a thin layer of gold. Although affordable and attractive initially, gold plated pieces are prone to tarnish and corrosion over time. On the other hand, PVD coated jewelry undergoes a vacuum coating process that ensures a genuinely durable and waterproof finish.


Advantages of Stainless Steel PVD

Stainless steel ring and other PVD coated stainless steel jewelry pieces have multiple advantages over sterling silver and solid gold alternatives:

  1. Hypoallergenic: Stainless steel PVD jewelry is gentle on sensitive skin types.
  2. Tarnish-Resistant: The PVD coating ensures that your beloved items will maintain their luster for years.
  3. Durability: PVD coated stainless steel pieces withstand the test of time better than traditional gold or sterling silver.


A Wide Range to Choose From

There are various styles and designs available in PVD gold jewelry, including chain necklaces, rose gold paperclip bracelets, beaded snake chains, 18k pvd gold hoop earrings, chunky chain bracelets in yellow gold and huggie earrings. Whether you’re looking for a stylish choker or a waterproof stacking ring for daily use, there’s a piece out there to suit your taste and budget.


Jewelry for Every Occasion

Whether you’re hunting for a gold ring, gold chain, gold necklace, or gold bracelets – your search ends here. Our PVD jewelry collection spans from elegant pieces like a signet ring to statement items such as rope chains and bold hoop earrings.


Gemstone Accents and More

In addition to classic gold PVD options, we also offer pieces adorned with gemstones for an extra touch of sparkle. Choose from our extensive assortment of beaded and gemstone-accented styles to enhance your collection.


Our Commitment to Quality

As expert jewelers, we take pride in delivering high-quality PVD Jewelry at competitive prices. We use the finest 18k gold plated materials and offer warranties on our products, ensuring longevity and customer satisfaction.


Easy Shopping Experience

Simply browse our selection of non-tarnish PVD coated jewelry in USD on Add your favorite pieces to your cart and proceed to checkout for a seamless shopping experience.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to own beautiful, long-lasting PVD gold jewelry that will charm and delight for years to come. Discover our unique collection today!

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