The Unseen Artistry of Jewelry Casting

Jewelry Casting

As experts at, we’ve been involved in the transformative process known as jewelry casting. This ancient technique is the backbone of creating exquisite pieces that adorn individuals all over the world. The magic begins with a concept, which quickly takes physical form through a meticulous process where precision meets creativity.


Delving into the Craft: Wax Carving and Mold Making


Every piece starts with an idea, which is brought to life by jewelers skilled in wax carving. This intricate step lays the foundation for our high-quality jewelry designs. Our talented artists sculpt wax models with precision, ensuring every detail imprints onto the final product. Once complete, mold making follows; we often employ silicone or vulcanized rubber to craft durable molds that can withstand repeated use.


Metals and Gemstones: The Essence of Luxury


Precious metals like sterling silver, gold casting, and sometimes even sand casting methods are used to create jewelry pieces that last a lifetime. At our foundry in California, metal casting is more than a simple task – it’s an art form. We utilize various techniques including investment casting, centrifugal casting, and vacuum casting to ensure that when molten metal fills these molds, every nuance is captured perfectly.


Enhancing the Aesthetic: Texturing and Enameling


Beyond just shaping metal, enhancing a piece’s visual appeal is key. Texturing adds depth and uniqueness to each design, while enameling brings forth a splash of color and vibrancy.


5 Widely Recognized Enameling Methods


The purpose behind your enameling project will guide you in selecting one among many possible techniques available. These range from simple tasks like sieving powder for a uniform color application on copper items to more complex methods requiring thorough attention.


  • Cloisonné Technique:

This ancient technique involves adding enamel particles mixed with water into tiny wire-formed cells before heating. The term “cloisonné” hints at its French origins, referring to compartments. Experience this meticulous method through specialized classes.


  • Grisaille Approach:

A method hailing from medieval France that gives a three-dimensional impression using varied shades through the application of white enamel on a dark base. Grisaille originates from the French term for “grey.”


  • Champlevé Method:

Here the metal surface is sculpted by various means like hammering or stamping before applying enamel into the resultant indentations. The approach leaves some metal surfaces bare while leading to an almost-level end result upon firing.


  • Limoges Technique:

Named after its eponymous French city originator but utilized globally, this method involves elaborately painting enamel onto pieces for detailed pictorial effects.


  • Plique-à-jour Method:

This intricate practice entails placing enamel into wire-framed cells without metal backing akin to cloisonné but allowing light penetration for a translucent stained-glass-like outcome.


Attention to Detail: Stone Setting and Finishing Touches


After casting jewelry comes the delicate process of stone setting. Our skilled artisans place each gemstone meticulously by hand using pliers, burs, tongs—as well as patience and a steady hand—to ensure that stones like cabochons gleam from their settings. Solder is then applied to secure parts together as needed.


Innovations in Jewelry Making


Embracing new technologies like 3D printing has revolutionized how we approach jewelry making. It expands our abilities to create intricate and complex designs not possible before—ushering new products into the realm of possibility.


Enduring Quality and Artisanship


Quality casting ensures that each piece not only meets but exceeds customer expectations for durability and artistry. From burnout in a kiln to introducing innovative casting equipment—a commitment to excellence is at the heart of our process.


Everlasting Memories Through Custom Creations


A unique aspect of what we do involves transforming personal stories into tangible artifacts. Whether it’s crafting engagement rings with intricately cast metal or creating a bespoke necklace set with glistening gemstones—each piece serves as an embodiment of memories meant to last forever.


Jewelry Casting: Where Passion Meets Profession


At, we believe that jewelry casting isn’t just about crafting objects, but also about forging connections between wearers and their most cherished moments. We pour passion into every step—from conceptualization right up until the final touches—to ensure each creation not only dazzles but also endures through time as a testament to masterful artisan ship.

Contact us at 818-351-7277 to explore the charm of jewelry casting and witness the transformation of molten material into wearable art.

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