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Your Trusted Partner in Wholesale Jewelry Supplies


At customfashionjewels.com, we believe in empowering retailers with a lavish variety of high-quality jewelry, allowing you to delight your customers with both classic and contemporary pieces. Our commitment to excellence has catapulted us as one of the best wholesale jewelry suppliers in the competitive market.


Sterling Silver Jewelry: Elegance Redefined


Dive into our sterling silver jewelry mart where elegance meets affordability. From graceful necklaces to intricate pendants, we offer an unparalleled assortment of sterling silver accessories that exude sophistication.


Gemstones and Fashion Jewelry: The Heart of Your Retail Business


Emanate love and luxury with our gemstone collections and wholesale fashion jewelry that capture the essence of modern fashion trends. Retailers can confidently showcase our latest designs, knowing they’re backed by the allure of good quality and eye-catching aesthetics.


Catering to Jewelers Across the USA


Retailers from New York to California trust us to supply fashion jewelry that mesmerizes. Our USA-based operation ensures a seamless sourcing process, providing sterling service along with sterling silver.


Competitive Prices Without Compromise


With us, affordable prices don’t equate to compromised quality. We uphold your business’s integrity by offering premium fine jewelry at wholesale prices that keep your margins healthy.


Wide Selection for Discerning Jewelers


Whether you’re looking for trendy engagement rings or versatile anklets, our expansive inventory caters to every preference. Buy wholesale jewelry from a trusted distributor with minimal restrictions and maximum potential.


The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Advantage


We pride ourselves on flexible MOQs that cater perfectly to resellers and small businesses without overwhelming their inventory management.


Redefining Luxury with Fashion Accessories


Elevate your store’s cachet by adding our irresistible fashion accessories and jewelry designs to your product line-up. With each piece of jewelry designed for maximum appeal, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


Jewelry Making: A Partnership Crafted For Success


Join forces with a renowned jewelry manufacturer that appreciates the artistry behind every jewelry product. Our collaborative approach ensures you are equipped with wide-ranging wholesale jewelry supplies for every creative endeavor.


Stay Ahead with Dropshipping Options


Savvy retailers can take advantage of our dropshipping facilities to stay ahead in the fast-paced jewelry business without the added inventory stress.


Join Our Wholesale Business Family


Embrace the latest trends in fine jewelry without any risk thanks to our money-back guarantee. Become part of a thriving community redefining what it means to be jewelers partnered with a leader among wholesale business distributors.


Experience Quality Craftsmanship Today


Step into a world where exceptional customer satisfaction is standard practice, and expanding your jewelry collection becomes an adventure in success. At customfashionjewels.com, we don’t just distribute quality products; we deliver dreams wrapped in glittering promise.


Discover the artistry of Custom Fashion Jewels. Contact us at 818-351-7277 to embark on a personalized costume jewelry journey, where you can design stunning jewelry pieces using our premium wholesale jewelry supplies.